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A part of POMM Production Services – is a music creative hub based in the heart of Iloilo City, Philippines. We specialize in music production, recording, mixing and mastering. Also developing sound concepts and sound experiences for advertising, video, corporate, and games.

Our mission is to develop the highest premium music production in the Philippine Entertainment Industry, shaping the future of tomorrow's Filipino artists and industry brands by delivering high quality of music productions. We are working exclusively with high quality pro-audio equipment together with our partners abroad.

Our mission is to give the unspoken a voice. Since each production is something unique, we focus on getting it right every time. We aim to package your message within a singular experience that reinforces your brand and resonates perfectly with your business goals.

What Makes You Alive Is Your Feelings

All of our work is undertaken with passion and conviction, an exacting standard, which is also reflected within a large network of international songwriters, sound designers, sound engineers, composers, and producers.

Our unique approach allows us to produce all types of sounds and music, both quickly and effectively. And within our network, we have also developed an effective method by which your audio requirements can be tailored to your brand communications with precision. Our work eliminates the tedious and time-consuming search for pre-packed sounds and music, which would otherwise rarely match your brand identity needs. Find out more here: Audio Identity.

With over 20 years of professional experience and an unending love and passion for music, we know that authenticity is key in our field of work

Our Music Pro Services

High-End Music Production

Thousands of songs are released every day. You want to stand out from the crowd.
Give your music the edge with professional music experts from the major industry.


Songwriting | Composing | Arrangement | Scoring

Original music production is the process of creating and producing unique musical compositions and recordings. It involves the creative exploration of musical ideas, arrangement, recording, mixing, and mastering to produce a finished musical work. Original music production encompasses a wide range of genres, styles, and artistic visions, and it allows musicians and producers to express their creativity and share their musical vision with the world.


We offer Vocal, Instruments, or Orchestra Recordings. You Can also book our recording engineer.


Delivering High-End Quality Mixes Around The Globe


Auto-Tune & Pitching | Sound Replacement | Alignment


Looking for a song or sound for your company sound identity?


Need a remix? We remix sings in different genres.


Telephone Prompts | Radio & Commercial Spots


Sound design encompasses the creation or selection of audio elements, such as ambient sounds, foley effects, and sound effects, to enhance the audiovisual experience. Mixing involves combining and balancing the various audio tracks to create a rich and immersive soundscape. This process includes adjusting volume levels, panning, equalization, compression, and adding effects to achieve a polished and professional sound.


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